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Supporting Documents for Registering New .my Domain Name
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What are the supporting documents required to register .MY domain name.






All organizations applying to register a domain name under .my must have a presence in the manner as stated below. The Registrant's name must be the organization/institution name as EXACTLY stated in the relevant supporting documents.

Please note that incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information supplied in the Domain Name Registration Form may result in termination of service.

Copies of supporting documents may be required to be submitted for:
i) New Registrations
ii) Modifying Existing Registrant's Name (to reflect a Legal Name Change)

For new,, and .my domain name registrations, please take note that organizations formed pursuant to the:

• Business Registration Act 1956,
• Companies Act 1965, and
• Legal Profession Act 1976

Documents are to be submitted to Net Onboard together with the registration details.

Please click here on how to register a new domain name.

Registering, and

Company pursuant to Companies Act 1965 (Akta Syarikat 1965)

Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) by Registrar of Companies (Pendaftar Syarikat) i.e.

• Borang 8 (Perakuan Perbadanan Syarikat Awam)
Borang 9 (Perakuan Pemerbadanan Syarikat Sendirian)
Borang 13 (Perakuan Pemerbadanan Atas Pertukaran Nama Syarikat)
• Borang 19 (Perakuan Pemerbadanan Atas Pertukaran Menjadi Syarikat Persendirian)
• Borang 83 (Certificate of Registration of A Foreign Company)
• Borang 83A (Certificate of Registration of Change of Name of A Foreign Company)

Business pursuant to Business Registration Act 1956 (Akta Pendaftaran Perniagaan 1956)

For Sabah and Sarawak:

Business pursuant to Commercial License Ordinance 1948 (Ordinan Perlesenan Perdagangan 1948)

Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) by Registrar of Business (Pendaftar Perniagaan) i.e. Borang D

Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) from Registrar of Commercial License Ordinance i.e.  Borang B
Society pursuant to Societies Act 1966 (Akta Pertubuhan 1966)
Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) by Registrar of Societies (Pendaftar Persatuan) i.e.

• Borang 3 Peraturan 5 Peraturan 7(1) (Kebenaran Menukar Nama)

• Peraturan 7(4) (Sijil Kebenaran untuk penubuhan cawangan)

Note: These Supporting Documents will be updated from time to time.

Supporting Documents for Other Type of Organization

Representative Office
Official letter from Ministry of Industrial Trade and Industry (MITI) regarding representative Office Registration (Pendaftaran Pejabat Perwakilan)

Regional Office
Official letter from Ministry of Industrial Trade and Industry (MITI) regarding Regional Office Registration (Pendaftaran Pejabat Serantau)

Foreign Embassy
Official request letter from the Foreign Embassy

Foreign Office
Official letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding approval of setting up of foreign office

Architect Firm
Certificate from Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia

Law Firm
Official approval letter regarding setting up of firm from Bar Council (Majlis Peguam)

Audit Firm pursuant to Companies Act 1965 (Akta Syarikat 1965)
Form 5 (Return of Partners of Firm of Auditors)
Sports Organisation pursuant to Sports Development Act 1997 (Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997)
Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) i.e. Perakuan Pendaftaran (Pendaftaran Badan Sukan 1998, Peraturan 6)

Valuer, Appraiser and Estate Agent Firm pursuant to Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Act 1981 (Akta Penilai, Pentaksir dan Ejen Harta Tanah 1981)
Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) i.e. Borang N (Kuasa Untuk Menjalankan Amalan Bagi Firma)
Trade Union pursuant to Trade Union Act 1959 (Akta Kesatuan Sekerja 1959)
Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) i.e. Borang D (Perakuan Pendaftaran : Seksyen 13, Peraturan 7)

Lembaga (Board) set up pursuant to a statute
Copy of the relevant Statute/Act

Trustee pursuant to Trustees Incorporation Ordinance 1952 (Akta Pemegang Amanah (Perbadanan) 1952)Â
Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) i.e.

• Certificate of Incorporation
• Certificate of Affiliation

Farmers Organisation pursuant to Farmers' Organization Act 1973 (Akta Pertubuhan Peladang 1973)
Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran)
Religious Entity
Official letter approving/accrediting/registering the relevant body from the relevant government Religion Department

Parents Teachers Association pursuant to Kaedah-kaedah Persatuan Ibubapa-Guru-guru, 1973
Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) by Registrar of Schools (Pendaftar Sekolah-Sekolah)


Only open for Malaysian educational institutions.
Government aided primary and/or secondary school (sekolah bantuan kerajaan)
Official request letter from school Headmaster/Principal
Polytechnic under Ministry of Education administration
Official request letter from Principal

University under the administration of Ministry of Education pursuant to Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 (Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti 1971)
Official request letter from university administration
Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) under the administration of MARA, pursuant to Majlis Amanah Rakyat Act 1966 (Akta Majlis Amanah Rakyat 1966)
Official request letter from Principal
Private school pursuant to Education Act 1961 Section 48 (Akta Pelajaran 1961 Seksyen 48)
Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) i.e.

    * Sijil Pendaftaran Sementara Sekolah

Official letter from relevant State Education Department regarding approval of setting up of school

Note: The Registrant's name should be the name of the school as stated on the certificate. NOT the name of the owner of the school.

Private higher educational institution pursuant to Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 (Akta Institusi Pendidikan Tinggi Swasta 1996)
Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) i.e.

    * Borang B

Official letter from Department of Private Education approval of setting up of institution

Note: The Registrant's name should be the name of the institution as stated on the certificate, NOT the name of the owner of the institution.

Educational institution accredited/registered by relevant government department/agency
Certification from the relevant government department/agency

Official letter from relevant government department/agency accrediting/registering to educational institution


Ministry of Defence's department or agency

Official request letter from Head of government military department or agency.


* Customer must be a person/individual, and above 18 years old.

* Customer must fill out ID information

* National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) Number for Malaysian citizens

Registering .my (2LD Domain Name)

* Client may submit any of the documents as mentioned above

Additional Information

.MY Domain Registry information on Registering .my Domain Names.

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