How to reduce a high bounce rate
Posted by Rachel Chiu on 21 August 2013 06:33 PM

How to reduce a high bounce rate

In order to use our service to send out emails, all subscribers in the list should be properly double opted-in, which means that you should have sent those subscribers an email asking them to verify their email address (and their willingness to receive your emails). This action serves a dual purpose: a) you are eliminating any invalid email addresses that might have been entered; and b) making sure that the email recipients do in fact own that email account and do wish to receive your emails.

If a campaign generates an unusual amount of bounces, then that is a strong indicator that the list was not maintained properly. A couple of reasons that could cause this are:

  • The list was never double opted-in, so invalid email addresses are in the list. For instance, email addresses with a typo would be removed with this process.
  • The list was not emailed for a while, so some email addresses (their domains, rather) could have expired in the meantime. If you are emailing a list that contains non-existing emails, then those will bounce back, and your sender (aka us) could be marked as a spammer.

Unfortunately, you cannot use our service to opt-in subscribers if they never have opted in before now.  If you have another service which can opt-in subscribers, you should consider using that; otherwise, it may be best to start a new list from scratch.

Once your subscribers are double opted-in, you can start emailing them. Here is a couple of suggestions about how to keep your bounce rate low:

  • Try to email them in set, regular intervals. By not emailing that list for a while, you are risking that your subscribers will “forget about you”, and they might mark your emails as a spam. If enough recipients mark your email as a spam, that will affect your deliverability, and your future campaigns might be rejected (also a type of bounce) from the destination servers simple because you are blacklisted.
  • Only send to subscribers who have subscribed recently.

Having a high bounce rate affects the deliverability of emails greatly, and any subsequent emails might be blocked by recipient’s servers. This affects our deliverability as well (as your sender), and for that reason we have to be careful about the lists used in our service. If your campaign generates a high bounce rate, your account might be placed under review due to breaching our terms of use. Ensuring that you are following these advices should help you fight high bounce rates effectively, in order to avoid any problems later down the road.

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